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Christian influence on Canadian society declined over the last century. The non-religious population grew the most as Christians left the Church, but other religions grew quickly through immigration and high birth rates. The mainline churches, especially the United Church and Anglican Church, became more liberal in their beliefs about God and the Bible. They also declined in numbers. Pray for a new, vibrant move of God and for fresh, contemporary expressions of faith in Jesus.


Pray that Canadian Christians would be more concerned with being loving witnesses to the Gospel than with political agendas and culture wars.

Canada has the world's highest rate of immigration and receives large numbers of refugees. Nearly 75% of immigrants live in our country's three largest cities, and 95% in urban areas generally. Outreach and evangelization can be difficult in a context that deliberately embraces multicultural pluralism.


Especially significant are:


- The Chinese (1.4 million) population has grown rapidly since the 1980s, with a steady influx of immigrants. There are nearly 400 congregations among them, mostly in Toronto and then Vancouver. Church growth is encouraging, but challenges exist regarding second-generation withdrawal from the Church and assimilation of Chinese Christians into the broader Christian fellowship.


- South Asians (numbering just over one million). They include Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, and form the biggest bloc of unreached peoples in the country. Vancouver is the world's second-largest Sikh community.

- Muslim peoples have been mostly of Arabic background, but increasing numbers of Afghans, Kurds, Somalis, Sudanese, East Africans and Southeast Asian Muslims can now be found. Very little specific outreach to them has been undertaken. Most of the few believers are Lebanese or Palestinian.

What we're contending for:



Leadership Deficit

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