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Contending Prayer


Our Church / Community

Prayer Cues


In the Next 3 Years:

We will have become an IRREPLACEABLE PART of OUR COMMUNITY by having just as many LakePointers serve outside our walls as inside.

Kids will love to attend our NEW FAMILY MINISTRIES FACILITY, where they will discover what it means to follow Jesus as we partner & equip their parents to raise the next generation.

We will be a church that celebrates LIFE CHANGE STORIES EVERY WEEK and will have seen more than 100 people go public in declaring their faith as they pass through the waters of baptism.


We will have developed STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS AROUND THE GLOBE that bring hope and healing to the Least Reached and Most Vulnerable.


We will have established a DIGITAL MINISTRY that provides practical content and personal connection to people not yet a part of our church and faith.

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