We're streaming our gatherings every Sunday at 9:00 & 11:00am. Gather your family, grab a coffee & a comfy seat on the couch to join in! 

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COVID-19  F.A.Q.

What's happening on Sundays?

LakePoint Online

Our gatherings will be online only. Join us at 9:00 & 11:00 am on Sunday mornings! Watch live on our Church Online Platform.

Missed Sunday? 

Family Updates

Stay Up to Date

Hear our most recent response to COVID-19.

What's available  for my kids?

Equipping Parents

Every Sunday our Kids team will create an online experience just for them!

What's available for youth?

Fighting Boredom

Every Sunday our Jr.High team will create an online experience just for them!

High School students can participate in our Friday night Youth event. Pre-registration is required. Youth Online is available through the LakePoint App

How can I receive prayer?

Intercession & Care

We have a 24/7 prayer portal! Join us each day as we pray for our world, our global church network, and each other!

Or text us at 226.946.8829

What's happening with Life Groups?

Staying Connected

Since our building isn't available for meetings... our Life Groups are heading online using the application GoTo Meeting. If you're a part of a Life Group, look for your Group Leader to be in contact with more details.

How do I continue giving?

Online Donations

While our focus on HOW we do things is changing, we are not shutting down. The easiest way to give is through online methods. 

  Is the church   office open?

Doors Closed

In order to best show love & care to the most vulnerable around us, our office is only open to staff. Should you need to contact a pastor or staff member please email or text.

How can I help those in need?

Spreading Love, Not Virus

If you are a part of a Life Group, be sure to check in on one another. Let's continue to pray for our LakePoint family, our community, our nation & our elected officials as they navigate this situation.

If you would like to serve those in isolation, please click the button below.

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